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The best part about the contest is that it is free to enter. The DraftKings Squares contest is similar to a lot of pools that are run for the Super Bowl by people in an office or among friends. You start by selecting a blank square on a game board. When the Super Bowl game begins, those squares will be assigned numbers one through nine. To sign up for the DraftKings Squares contest, simply go to the contest page. You can register for a DraftKings account right here. When you get to the page, you will see a sign-up page that describes how to play the game.

2nd half betting line explained college rankings football week 14 betting

2nd half betting line explained

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Betting on the second half of an NBA game can be very advantageous to a bettor. You are able to see how each team matched up in the 1st half and can gage which way the momentum is trending for the second half. When you are betting the 2nd half of an NBA game you can put action on all the regular bet types ATS, moneyline, and over unders but you are exclusively betting the second half.

Essentially it as if the score reset at halftime and the second half is a totally new game. No matter the bet type you are looking for you will find all NBA second half odds, lines, and spreads here from BetQL. Whichever team scores the most points in the second half win this bet type. The Milwaukee Bucks and Toronto Raptors are tied going into halftime so if you bet on the Bucks money line for the second half you need the Bucks to win the game.

The easiest way to confirm if you have won your bet is take a look at the box score after the game and looking at the score by quarters. Since you have only bet the 2nd half of the NBA game you just need to add up the score for the 3rd and 4th quarter. If the team you put a ticket on has more points you have won your bet.

ATS Example: When you are betting the 2nd half against the spread it is almost the exact same as betting the money line but now you have to take into account the 2nd half line or what it is sometimes called the halftime spread. You are still only betting on the score for the second half but now the point spread is involved. Whether you have been watching a game from the start or you were just able to finally tune in and want to get in on the action at halftime you can always trust that you will find the most updated halftime spreads at BetQL.

At BetQL we work closely with the sportsbooks to ensure anytime the spread moves that we are showing it to our users. Checking the 2nd half odds for an NBA game has never been easier. With BetQL you can also create a custom sports betting dashboard that helps you find the best value bets specifically for NBA 2nd half betting. If a team normally does not play well on the road, is in a close game at halftime, and the 2nd half odds are a great value for them to lose it could be a very sharp bet to place.

Recommended bets that also have performed well historically. The list updates in real time. To meet the criteria, an upcoming game must display:. Popular events based on current user activity. The list updates in real time, with recent activity more heavily weighted. Best Bets. Modify Stats. William Hill. Cantor Gaming.

Rotation Number. Live - Spread. Open - Spread. Live - ML. Here are the most common:. The simple answer is yes. If you are betting any second half market you need to factor in the chance of overtime. Obviously this will decide the moneyline market unless the game is still tied after overtime as can be the case in the NFL. At that point the dead heat rule will be applied and the bettor will receive half the original odds. Overtime has significant ramifications for both the second half point spread and it certainly favors the over in second half totals.

Just something to keep in mind. Interestingly overtime does not count for quarters markets for instance in the NBA. A fourth quarter total bet will not include overtime but a second half bet on the same game does include OT. A loss caused by overtime is certainly bad luck but all par for the course when it comes to second half betting. As second half markets are not offered pregame they certainly require bettors to have some knowledge of the flow of a particular game. They really are a pure betting market less affected by algorithms and moddelling.

For example if you have a good knowledge of the game of basketball generally you are a student of the game then conceivably you are able to pick up on some in game nuance and apply that to your interpretation of second half markets. Its a form of betting intuition if you like.

Perhaps it allows you to pick up on potential momentum shifts prior to the that being reflected in the odds. The Take Home: There is power in sticking to betting what you know. Be selective about where you wager your money on second half markets. The more you become familiar with a sport the more you will see opportunities that the odds have yet to account for.

Second half markets provide a useful complement to regular time markets. The live total has pushed out to points and as a result the second half total has been posted at The bettor can now effectively hedge or middle the total by taking the under on the second half total of knowing that they only need points to cash on their original bet and anything under will cash on the second half bet.

A return is virtually assured. The Take Home: The second half market is one to keep in mind for all regular time bettors. If things go well in the first half an opportunity to lock in some profit is presented in the second half markets. There are many times when watching sports a team may be dominating many aspects of the game but not yet show dominance on the scoreboard.

When that team is the pregame underdog very often the odds do not reflect this perceived dominance because they are too closely tied to the pregame expectations. An example would be in a closely fought first half of an NFL game. The pre game favorite may have had a few calls or benefitted from the bounce of the ball to remain in the game. Many times bettors and the books will overlook these fortunate events as the team was favored to win at the outset and so the scoreline is in line with expectations yet from your perspective is actually not a true reflection of the two teams.

This is opportunity knocking as the underdog will no doubt be at decent odds in second half betting. The Take Home: Second half betting gives the bettor a chance to back themselves and their judgement and wager on the unrewarded dominance of an underdog that has yet to come through on the scoreboard.

Look for some key statistical indicators which may back up your gut feel. In game injury to key players is one of the weak points for sportsbook when it comes to second half betting. Often an injury to a key player is over stated in the odds, other times it is understated, The determining factor: the profile of the player injured.

Injuries to big name players, well known to the public move in game odds and change second half markets. More often than not the effect of that player on the outcome of the game is overstated. There are often the offensive weapons.

Where you can really cash in is on underrated yet pivotal player, usually on the defensive end of the court who leaves the game with minimal fanfare yet has a major effect on the outcome. The underrated defensive player often has the thankless job of closing down an opposition key weapon. Their almost unnoticed departure from the game can serve to unleash the opponents scoring weapon and the momentum of the game shifts, not because the superstar engaged superhero mode but the more sensible reason of a down in the dirt hardworking pro left the game making life much easier.

The Take Home: Know the role players have in the game plan of a particular team. Injury can change games, just sometimes its in less predictable ways. Professional sports are very much about next week.

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