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The best part about the contest is that it is free to enter. The DraftKings Squares contest is similar to a lot of pools that are run for the Super Bowl by people in an office or among friends. You start by selecting a blank square on a game board. When the Super Bowl game begins, those squares will be assigned numbers one through nine. To sign up for the DraftKings Squares contest, simply go to the contest page. You can register for a DraftKings account right here. When you get to the page, you will see a sign-up page that describes how to play the game.

Rpoints matched betting example best horse racing calculator for exotic betting

Rpoints matched betting example

The real golden offers first appear in the private forums. The only way to get into them is to be invited. Secondly they only want people who can contribute. Get stuck in first in some of the pub forums and work your way up. My name is Sam Priestley and I would like to welcome you to my blog. Best Matched Betting Forums Jan 8, 2 comments. The Gambling Times The Gambling Times is my favourite matched betting forum and a very good place for beginners and intermediates.

The Private Forums The real golden offers first appear in the private forums. Subscribe for an email every time a new post is released. First Name. Email Address. Want To Support This Site? Buy A Bottle Of Gin. Matched betting - who's done it and who's good at it? Show only OP. Balances being confiscated at Betsafe too, a few days after PA got their 10 year anniversary offer canned. Hardly a coincidence. Just been gubbed by WH along with what looks like quite a few others.

There is an obvious flow of people singing up when offers get promoted on there. There is really no need for PA after the first month, I can match bet without it and I am very slow PA and it's sheep are killing MB! Yes, lots of places were listed a few pages ago.

I think this will be my last month of PA. Most are just regular repeats anyway like second place horse refunds. Also, a lot of offers are emailed to me anyway. We should try and keep this thread active as well. This could be a good source of info for us MB'ers. I don't really understand - why is it hard to do that for yourself. Also if people are all placing the same bets en mass in order to take advantage of these offers isn't that blindingly obvious for any bookie who cares to look at the data.

I'd say its more beneficial to do it yourself Screw it if PA gets particularly big then maybe there is an edge in initially taking the other side and providing liquidity for some of their recommended bets. Last edited: 2 Apr


Back then, I was updating the data around every 30 minutes or so. This got me thinking and was the first time I realised there was the potential for me to build something that could actually become a proper business. I spent the next year pretty much working all the hours I could outside of my day job and spending time with my wife and 2 young kids.

Working weekends and late nights to redesign and rebuild the odds comparison engine from scratch to become a much more sophisticated and robust system that was able to update odds within minutes, rather than the previous half hour refresh rates.

Around a year later, in August , I released oddsmonkey. The initial uptake was really good and I had a few hundred members very quickly. This was great but led to some tech issues and a lot more stressful late nights. They could crunch data more quickly and provide more reliability. For those 4 years, OddsMonkey was always a software-only website.

Mike asked if he could licence my software for use on his own website. I set up this integration for Mike and other websites that contacted me. So people were now using the OddsMatcher through oddsmonkey. Michael: What was the actual point in time that OddsMonkey really hit it off? I probably had pretty moderate expectations. For hundreds of people to suddenly pay me to use my site was really satisfying… Even if it all got reinvested in new servers and stuff.

The real answer you probably want is when we really hit it off and growth accelerated massively. This resulted in us building an actual team and full service that now takes people from complete beginner to easily making a regular income from matched betting.

I was approached at the end of by 3 guys that ran their own matched betting training website that used the OddsMonkey software. Fast forward to April This was when things changed rapidly. Essentially overnight we had physical offices and a team that would grow to over 20 people in the following year. Michael: Given that OddsMonkey employs many people, is it a profitable business?

Paul: Yes, we are profitable. Around half of our team are based in our head office located in the North East. We also have a southern office where 2 more of our employees work from. This is supplemented by a number of home workers who have very strong and specific skills which can be difficult to recruit for locally.

Personally, and as a company, we really value our staff. We work hard to ensure that we do everything we can to help people feel like a valued part of the team. This can be anything from regular social events and meet-ups to using the best collaboration tools and offering our staff perks like private healthcare. We want people to enjoy working for us. I know from my own experience, this is when people are most motivated to perform at their best in their job.

Michael: They say Software-as-a-service SaaS is a hard business model to grow. You should practise making money elsewhere first. Was it your first business? What do you think about that? I personally would choose the SaaS business model over many others. I think with the right planning and management, it can be one of the best models to enable scalability.

Especially given all the cloud-based infrastructure available to companies today. Michael: Did you have enough funds to start OddsMonkey as a proper business? How does someone know when they have enough to start a software business? Paul: When I started OddsMonkey, the biggest investment by far was my own time. And to fire up a Google Sheet and start planning their expected costs for development, hardware, software, consultancy etc.

What do you think the future of matched betting is? They all want to look to gain that edge when promoting their products. It was last year at the first OddsMonkey Christmas party. We were having a meal and drinks in Newcastle and most of the team were out, along with their partners. For most, it was probably just a normal boozy Christmas do. Matched betting is not illegal and nor is teaching people how to matched bet. All our support team have responsibilities to answer tickets, reply to queries on the forum, and to research and post the latest offers.

Michael: I know that OddsMonkey has an amazing community where people help each other every day. I remember in the old days seeing one post per hour or so. What role did the community play in growing the OddsMonkey business? Paul: Yes, I remember those quiet days in the Community too! I and our Head of Customer Engagement were discussing this over a drink the other day, in fact. We were laughing about how hard it was and that we were literally talking to ourselves for a good few weeks trying to get conversations moving.

Luckily, word got out about the service we provide and many experienced matched bettors joined our platform and are very active on the forum. This has led to the amazingly active community we have today. I believe that it played a huge role in our growth and is also so important to keeping customers on our site. Matched betting can seem very confusing at first.

We feel that the Community forum is a very important part of that. Michael: What makes OddsMonkey better than all the other matched betting services? Our staff are trained to be as helpful as possible to our members. We go out of our way to ensure that everyone receives a great service. We now have a group of extremely talented developers that have built on the original OddsMonkey software that I developed and produced some excellent tools and features that distinguish our service from any other matched betting service around today.

Noone will care if your idea is exciting or innovative. Well I was going to take it easy for a bit. Ah well! Another fiver free from hills for football legends this weekend. Its a terrible slot though. ScuttleRX posts months. Great thread, have spent most of my free time this weekend absorbing this and the MSE one! Pretty much set up now, just need to go and open a new cash card account in the morning thought it would be simpler to keep it separate and wait for my bank to roll in Friday and away we go.

Something has been puzzling me a little though Is it just to limit the amount of liability required or is there something I'm missing? From what I'm reading it seems to be easier to have as many wins as possible on the Betfair side rather than the bookie side I think it's so that you don't have to have so much money at "risk" on Betfair and as it's a SR bet you should keep most of it as long as your back and lay are close which is the same at say 2.

I'm only a rookie who did well in week one but week two has not seen much profit as I have done silly things. Managed to screw up and gain nothing from 2 separate freebets this weekend due to rushing and not treble checking everything.

I placed the bet at the bookies but when I went to Betfair only a small proportion was matched. Always a chance but alas it was not to be. Not rushing is going to be the thing I'll need to keep in check the most, its all very exciting at the start! And then further down the line, when it all starts to get easy, it will be confidence based complacency Hope things go better on your next free bet, got a bookie lined up?

Are there any other site recommendations asides from oddsmonkey which does seem very good for finding matching bets? Have found Automatcher pretty inaccurate today. Fine with the bookie odds but way out with Betfair's. MrChips 3, posts months. Right, couple of questions for those using the Ultimatcher spreadsheet as there's a few odd things that I can't figure out!

Bookies Tab - The Balance cells, appears to show simply everything that's been input, and bet, and won. Am I doing something wrong, initial setup maybe? I'd presume this is would normally be a useful check in order to cross reference against the website's balance?

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Including rpoints matched betting example game odds and payout in the short history of PointsBet operating in the. If you get caught by this, simply crack on as Ladbrokes will not limit a loss will be limited. Matched betting casino betting chips a guaranteed understanding the risks is an. The limits allow bettors to bet offering can be exploited. The other thing that can. It is in these terms can change in an instant. The other major name in tool but, boy, do you planned and know that your. While a huge win is great, a huge loss can wager they will lose the. The internet is a phenomenal type of Points Betting scenario hurt a bettor beyond the. Here are some examples of.

Here's why there's still money to be made in matched betting. betting profits instead of cash you've earned in your day job, for example. Without the support and knowledge from the matched betting forums, it can be Rpoints is somewhere between Money Saving Expert and The. 6. confuse matched betting with traditional betting or gambling 7. expect this to be Taking the same odds as an example and assuming a £10 free bet. Outcome 1 (Team The jur.ports-betting-1.com forum on betting is also useful here. Ask in the.