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The best part about the contest is that it is free to enter. The DraftKings Squares contest is similar to a lot of pools that are run for the Super Bowl by people in an office or among friends. You start by selecting a blank square on a game board. When the Super Bowl game begins, those squares will be assigned numbers one through nine. To sign up for the DraftKings Squares contest, simply go to the contest page. You can register for a DraftKings account right here. When you get to the page, you will see a sign-up page that describes how to play the game.

Sports betting hedging strategies at gm match betting sites

Sports betting hedging strategies at gm

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Malta betting companies Biggest single-month fall on record for Hedge Funds! I dont know squat about the stock market, however at 44 years old I am looking for something to invest in to make some money and to secure my future. I do believe there is money to be made and do know one person that does make money gambling on sports. Which ever way the dice rolls. S I just won 3rd place in a sports betting contest.
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Card index betting rules for roulette I am in and I know of a few others that are interested. The change to the tax code could allow millions of working families to save thousands on their taxes, but only if they are savvy about how they file this year. They add no value. If someone such as myself that knows what there doing can make a pretty penny. I have been developing trading and handicapping systems since Finding enough profitbale bets.
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Basic poker betting rules We encourage you to forward this to friends and family. Laying the price - In sports wagering, laying the price means betting the favorite by laying money odds. Comment by Webster - September 22, at pm. Comment by Ted Baturin - December 1, at pm. My only question is will the amount of money wager placed be accepted? On Feb.
Sports betting hedging strategies at gm I would like to invest in statistical betting systems fund… except I am broke right now. Comment by Jim Williams - March 1, at am. This wouldnt be tax friendly at all. Canadian Line - In sports betting the Canadian line is a combination point spread and money line in hockey. After many varied investigations as a police officer over a 34 year career, it never ceases to amaze me how many truly smart people, yes even brilliant people, tend to spend their lives on the edge of the law, or at least on the edge of moral obligation, just to make a fast buck. Please respond! Chalk - The favorite.


Gambling addiction is not covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act, but it should still be handled with sensitivity. Third, many employees like to bet with each other or participate in fantasy sports leagues together. Building this camaraderie can have many positive impacts on the workplace.

But beware, because harassment, disparate treatment, or discrimination can pop up in the most unexpected places. What if a supervisor lashes out at an employee after losing a bet or not getting a specific player in the fantasy draft? Or what about the older employee who feels that he or she has to pick up the slack of younger workers who are clustered around the break room during a game.

Whatever the situation, a company can be prepared to deal with employee interactions where money is at stake and tempers can run high. Lastly, employers can be prepared for reduced productivity. It is inevitable. Fall brings the start of football, hockey, and basketball seasons along with baseball playoffs.

Fan loyalty runs deep, particularly with money on the line, and employees will no doubt check scores and statistics—or even live stream games—while at work. Employers should consider planning ahead for these contingencies by creating firm policies, setting realistic expectations, and enforcing violations uniformly. Steve joins Ogletree Deakins from the Portland office of a regional multi-service firm where he litigated numerous ERISA matters and advised clients on various sports law issues including trademarks for a hockey stick manufacturer, compliance for a skins gaming website, and contract negotiation for a sports league management software startup.

Prior to moving to Maine, Steve practiced in Philadelphia where he defended Skip to main content. New Articles. Condas and Dana P. McCarthy and Michael W. Rodriguez Marin and Angela W. Skale and Justin J. Bergeson and Carla N. Christensen and Kirstin K.

Beckendorf and Kerry C. Rogoff and Julia D. Console, Jr. Costigan and Joseph J. Cole-Johnson and Rachel V. Oehninger and Geoffrey B. Buckley-Norwood and Sarah R. Gross and Marc D. Teva Drug Sumner and Jesse A. Collins and Ryan H. Giger and Todd H. Pummill and Daniel R. Gillenwater and Phillip H. Hansen and Alan J. Becker and Claire H. Sachs and Brook J. Harbaugh and Daniel E. Betts and Beth E. Stevens and Corey N. Sports and entertainment represents a huge sector of the economy and the synergies between it and the rest of the financial community have never been exploited.

Good PR for this will be essential. The fund could actually be set up to be effectively self managing by indexing the fund to existing odds boards in Vegas that already have visibility. This would dramatically reduce overhead costs at the same time. This reliability would help make the fund more attractive to large outside investors and would legitimize it to the public at large.

Comment by Brendan - December 2, at am. It was so nifty that I wanted to trade this one in for theirs! My snooping around led me to the company that hosts his blog. It appears that they are targeting their product to different niches and currently have 50 blogs up and running.

This is not a blogger for the average person, it seems like it is invite only with editors to boot. With blogs all the rage, Mark Cuban just gave us a nice little demonstration of its reach and potential, better than anything he could do with a Powerpoint presentation. Now who wants to invest in his blog company because this was the best Powerpoint presentation on Weblogs, Inc. Comment by BB - December 2, at am. The way a person make REAL money from their investments is the VERY reason that you mention as the problem with investing in stocks — inefficient information.

When a situation arises where there is large amounts of information like sports betting, the difficulty in making money in such a venture is extremely difficult. You have to beat the juice and the spread — the people making the spread have access to all the information and more that you are talking about so the sports betting market works very efficiently. An individual makes money because the markets are inefficient not because they are efficient — every finance undergrad understands this — if efficient market theory holds true nobody makes money in the markets because it assumes that all the information is public.

You have acknowledged that this is not true — therefore, there are more money making opportunities in the markets. I hope that you were joking at this suggestion and look forward to you posting about money making opportunites in business and capital markets. Comment by danj - December 2, at am. Obviously this is a joke now that I think about it. He just cant do this without issues with the league. But I am pretty amazed at the ranking this thing received on google in just a matter of days.

I dont know what this Weblogs company is that Cuban uses but methinks he done dragged us all over here to see his nifty blog! I like this blog setup better than blogspot. Trying to attract Hedge Fund capital for this blogging company????? Good luck, feel free to send me an email when Weblogs, Inc. If I am pretty close to why you posted this entry send me an email!

You have generated more comments on this post than any other I think. Afterall, blogspot was bought out by google and blogging is all the rage now allowing people to bypass the media as well as participate in it. Comment by BB - December 1, at pm. My game of choice is blackjack, and I was on a team with a 6-figure bankroll some years ago.

Blackjack might work for your venture if you could recruit and train a continuous stream of new faces, but quality control is very difficult. And at the larger stakes, when you get barred at one casino they send the picture around everywhere else too. Teams do have a huge advantage over individual players if you can make it work. Comment by Glen R - December 1, at pm. Comment by Scott Patterson - December 1, at pm.

Amazing to me you still own that stock while Paul Allen your moron of a friend screws the shareholders everyday. Only problem with sports betting is the fix is just as bad as Wall Street. Market makers use overs and unders for a reason.

I can always figure out roughly who will win, but can I beat the fixed and manipulated odds? Your not the first person to think of this either, hedge funds are already doing it with tradesports. They bet on more then just sports as I am sure you know. Comment by roberto pedone - December 1, at pm. Comment by Big Jim - December 1, at pm. As with blackjack players and slot addicts, the thrill is the action, not the potential payoff.

For that reason, if you were to raise a hedge fund of any significant size, how would you lay off bets? Comment by TES - December 1, at pm. I do believe there is money to be made and do know one person that does make money gambling on sports.

I try to learn from him as much as possible. I have been gambling on and off for the past 8 years and overall I am down of course. What has changed for me though in the last 3 months is the knowledge I have gained from this person. And my returns have been very good. Picking your managers will be very difficult. So many people throw up smokescreens when it comes to gambling.

I like to equate pick services to stock brokers. You should never higher anyone that has had anything to do with a pick service. They are constantly ripping people off just like brokers are everyday. Comment by Joe - December 1, at pm. Comment by David Wilson - December 1, at pm. I LOVE this idea. So…do you need an analyst? It would be my dream job! Comment by Bob N.

As much as I love your other views esp the trashing of Trump who I have derided as a fraud for 20 years this gambling hedge fund will end in disaster. First off, the stock market is NOT a zero sum game as gambling is.

Sure, there a lots of idiots who buy shares in fly-by-night stocks that pay no dividend on just the hope a greater fool will come along. So what? Does that mean you have to lower yourself to literally gambling with a fund? Makes no sense. The likelihood of the entire planet ceasing to buy a Coke product for 6 months and cratering the stock to zero is nonexistent. The likelihood of Manning getting up on the wrong side of bed and getting completely killed in a supposedly easy game is FAR more likely.

Further, your involvement in the NBA will preclude you from getting involved in this AND good luck finding a book to take the kind of size you are going to have to throw around to make this venture worthwhile. The stock market is hugely liquid — sportsbooks are not. Wait and see how you move the line with just a relatively small bet.

I have been a bookie for 5 years and not ONE of my customers has made money. And they have all the information in the world. Nothing can protect against a crazy outcome Bucs vs Colts on MNF last year, the Pistons brawl stopping the clock with 45 seconds left and dooming the people who bet the over by 3 points, etc, etc. I suspect this is all tongue-in-cheek to point fun at what a casino the stock market currently is at its wildly overvalued level.

Of course, it was dupes like these who made you rich. Sincerely Matt Beauchamp — I am serious about the bet. Comment by Matt Beauchamp - December 1, at pm. Betting on sports. It is rumored that I have some knowledge in this area. Where do I submit my resume? Comment by Pete Rose - December 1, at pm. I read your comments in the newspaper and you are on to something.

Seldom have the resources of a billionaire been applied in the sports betting business. In my career I have been a pioneer on the bookmaking side,most notably in the field of halftimes. Now I am strictly involved only on the player side,but since my chance of getting to speak to you directly are not good,I will put a few ideas for the WORLD to see,you will have my E-MAIL and my identity can easily be confirmed.

I spend half the year in NYC and half the year in Vegas and can present a list of concrete proposals in a days notice. The NBA games and major universities are under tremendous scrutiny. I have 5 employees and on a small scale we are destroying it. We could organize listening rooms after employees were trained what to listen for.

They could have stats for the teams in front of them so they would be able to know if a player removed from a lineup would have an impact. There are many game time decisions. It would be 5 when it really was 3 or 7 We could position ourselves to be first in that regard.

Especially when we have the lineups first ,which to my knowledge ,I am already in possession of. I pay good money for that service but in 12 out of 15 games i usually have the lineups well before they are posted on Don Best ,which is the industry standard. While some of the work I have done with pitchers I consider to be unremarkable ,I have detailed offensive studies which really predict vs the spread how teams will produce.

Their formulas are based on getting players who provide production on a per season or multi-season baseball,they key betting baseball day by day is to isolate it with a degree of accuracy on a GIVEN DAY. I already have computer guys on the payroll and everyday players are fit into a grid and team offenses on a given day vary differently to the spreads.

Anyway those are some concrete suggestions I hope someone is in charge of getting this message to you. IF you E-Mail me I can pass on relevant information so you can verify my identity before going further. Comment by skybox - December 1, at pm. Interesting concept. I know there are loads of us already out there tring to make a buck by gambling on sports. I came acroos an interesting site a while back to help the budding gambler get an edge, you may find it helpful.

Comment by Sean - December 1, at pm. I would like to invest in your fund… except I am broke right now. Comment by Queen of Sky - December 1, at pm. However, taking isolated events such as KMRT and applying them to the whole of the equities market is an extreme and logically flawed position. I certainly feel for pre-Chapter 11 KMRT common holders, employees who lost their jobs and others impacted by the restructuring.

But you could just as easily have purchased the bonds along with Eddie Lampert and Marty Whitman before the filing, which were converted to common post-filing. Tyco, Enron, Worldcom and other cases of corporate malfeasance and outright fraud do little to inspire investor confidence in corporate America. There is usually money to be made somewhere in the markets long or short , whether through investing in equities, fixed income, real estate, currencies or commodities.

Comment by Steve - December 1, at pm. Comment by Jesse - December 1, at pm. Comment by John Camacho - December 1, at pm. Comment by Sang - December 1, at pm. Well…say what you will but, Mark Cuban sure knows how to create a buzz. Lots of great posts though.

It would seem betting large sums and moving money in and out would be difficult if not impossible. If you think the hysteria created around MAMA. Comment by skyfisherman - December 1, at pm. Mark… Great idea! I used to work with a guy who managed a futures fund. In the three years I worked with him our NFL fund return was greater than that of the futures fund.

Comment by James Clark - December 1, at pm. Wall Street makes me sick. I will not let any clients of mine own a stock. There is not one publicly traded company that cares about its shareholders. They were left with nothing. Now KM has gone on to make a lot of people huge money — except the original shareholders, typically the little guy. Anyone with any knowledge got out prior to the BK.

Most of the better funds do not advertise, because they do not want the expense, because it costs the shareholders in the long run. However, most clients are not smart or logical, only emotional. They only want to buy what they see advertised and that is typically the garbage product only produced so the fund company can make the huge money.

So after many years in business, my book has low turnover because I have fought the uphill battle of teaching, teaching, and teaching my clients to stay on the right track and not to flip in and out of the hot funds. The other half of my book is in bonds. And guess what? All firms want brokers to produce commissions at any cost to the client.

I reject that logic entirely, which is the reason that I do not, and will not, work for a large firm. It is good to read your sane comments regarding Wall Street because I feel the same as you. Comment by Ted Baturin - December 1, at pm. I got it from Amazon. The book talks about investing in college basketball as a stock market where you know more about the stocks than anyone else.

Where most of the other investors are amatuers, not professionals. Where investment gains come immediately, not after years. Where there are dozens of brokers keeping commissions low. The book also goes into information availability and different kinds of bets first halfs, second halfs, interactives, etc.

Comment by Barry - December 1, at pm. Seems they do come out of the woods when a Billionaire speaks of spending money on some bet… Personally Mark, to me the only sure bet is the one we make in our families. Comment by LostInAmerica - December 1, at pm. Comment by AW - December 1, at pm. I was pleasantly surprised to read your most recent blog entry. This past summer I created a betting hedge fund, complete with prospectus.

Unfortunately I was unable to raise enough capital to start the fund. I would like the opportunity to send you my prospectus and speak with you further about your idea. As someone who has invested and worked on Wall Street, I strongly believe that it is nothing more than gambling. I think it comes down to which medium someone has a greater strength in…mine is sports gambling.

I look forward to speaking with you further. Comment by David Koroghlian - December 1, at pm. Comment by Medman - December 1, at am. What do I hear? Comment by Patrick Crofoot - December 1, at am. Comment by Shawn Murrell - December 1, at am. Comment by David Koroghlian - December 1, at am. Cuban, there are wiseguys throughout Vegas making hundreds of thousands in sports bets each and every year. The vast majority of this profit, like you mention, comes from a betting public that knows very little about the teams they bet on, often inflating lines by betting on favorites.

Sure your Mavs are going to win the majority of the games they play this year, but will they cover 4,6 or 10 point spreads? If such a model existed, there would be no betting market. The right handicapper needs to mix gut instincts with statistical analysis. Those that rely on the latter often miss the mental aspects or nuances of a game that go far beyond the numbers.

Revenge games, fatigue, home or away are all difficult aspects to quantify. Lastly, a lot of people have mentioned starting your own sportsbook. Comment by VC - December 1, at am. Gambling bets are binary events. It would be impossiple to properly hedge any bet when all you have are binary events which are not related to eachother. There are too many articles about unsuccesful investors. They add no value. There are, however, very competent investors that over the long term have consistent, outsized returns.

Most people do not have access to these investors. Including the press. It sounds like something CNBC would write. Comment by Mark - December 1, at am. The only people who make money off of gambling are bookies and casinos. Maybe you should look into investing in Las Vegas instead. Comment by Steve S. Not sure if you are being facetious or not. If not, you might want to check out the above website.

The guy is good, very good. Comment by Isaiah Micah Shiloh - December 1, at am. I would also encourage you to talk to Professor Wolfers directly on the subject his research has been mentioned in Forbes, among other places. I have a passion for this subject and am convinced, based on this seminar that I took, that there are numerous ways to make money in a very inefficient overall sports gambling market.

I have often wondered how I could raise the capital to start something like this, but have not considered it realistic to do it on my own. I would be interested in discussing it with you if you were interested. Feel free to reach me at any time to discuss. Gambling has always been better than the stock market, Mark. When you lose in the casinos the dealer at least has the decency to look you in the eye.

Comment by Jevin - December 1, at am. Hey Mark, you like danger and adventure, how about investing in a sports car company? A car that can go mph, with a hp, V engine, and a million dollar price tag. Comment by Darryl - December 1, at am. Comment by Sourabh Niyogi - December 1, at am. Great blog!! I read as often as possible and noticed that even Yahoo has taken interest in this entry, so now I am curious how much this trouble you stirred up with Stern..

Let me know where I can sign up. Comment by Jbsmoothh - December 1, at am. I am with the few people around that have posted. I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure Mark is just trying to open your eyes before you leap into investments. Comment by Scott - December 1, at am. Comment by John - December 1, at am. S I just won 3rd place in a sports betting contest. Comment by Marc - December 1, at am. Comment by David Online - November 30, at pm.

Comment by David Archer - November 30, at pm. I am sorry but after reading these comments I had to go back and read the entry for the third time! I am amazed at how many people took it seriously! Comment by Amazed - November 30, at pm. If markets were efficient, all available information would be instantenously priced into a stock at all times, so there would be no opportunity to profit from msipricings as hedge fund managers do. Moreover, markets that are more transparent like global fixed income and currency markets offer less arbitrage opportunities precisely because the information is available to everyone easily anyone can look up US GDP on bloomberg.

Comment by Jean-Philippe Odunlami - November 30, at pm. I really like your idea, but i think that many others have had the same idea and have been acting on it for a long time now. Those people are well aware that gambling is a Zero Sum Game actually worse because of the vig , and the only way to consistently make money is to consistently take it away from other players.

The most obvious strategy is to influence the outcome of an event after you place a wager on it. This is attempted, with varying degrees of success, in countless different universes. Insurace fraud is one simple example of that.

Powerful people such as Yourself and Mr. Icahn just to name two, have a great advantage in their ability to influence outcomes. I would guess that represents the best opportunity for those fortunate enough to be in a position of power. The SEC, Elliot Spitzer, etc are watching the financial markets more closely than ever- why not move into an area which has yet to fortify itself against manipulation?

Finally- your comments about the payout ratio are factually incorrect, and i would hate to think that some average joe is going to lose his money in Vegas because a billionaire gave him an erroneous lesson in stats.

Your conclusion about the cost of placing bets using financial derivatives is based on your mistaken notion, so naturally the conclusion is mistaken as well. In fact the exact oppposite is true: Financial derivatives that are freely traded such as the IBM options you mentioned are extremely efficiently priced, and therefore are very inexpensive means of placing bets.

Comment by no one important - November 30, at pm. That and your proclamation of loving bonds. It makes me wonder how invested you are in the stock as it behaves somewhat like a high-yield bond without the junk except when false and misleading information is printed about it by a certain supposedly venerable financial rag. Perhaps you mention it because it is consistently one of the top 10 most visited Yahoo stock message boards. Comment by NicholasK - November 30, at pm. Hi Mark, All these people looking for your money Mark!

Good luck though in your venture! Comment by Michael - November 30, at pm. The sports books are operated as loss leaders to get people into the casino but they are not designed to handle huge amounts of money. Furthermore, they simply stop offering certain types of bets if they lose money on them. They couldnt set the win totals properly i. San Fran Niners to win over or under 5 games this season is good example so they just quit offering the bet. I think your point on local teams is great one.

Again you run into a liquidity problem — you cant get enough money down on the game and you dont have enough dumb money betting Miami of Ohio basketball on a monday night so the casino cant lay off your bet. At some point the casino will just stop taking bets. Tons of small cap long only managers who have to follow companies by themselves with no specialist anlaysts to help get expertise on specific sectors.

They cant possibly know as much as hedge funds who hire analyst to follow names only. Krispy Kreme KKD. Hedge funds shorted for years and finally won the bet while growth funds owned it and took the other side of the short bet… and lost. Best of luck — would love to talk abou this. Comment by AlexNY - November 30, at pm.

Comment by Aaron Day - November 30, at pm. Great Idea with huge potential. Best of Luck with this endeavor!!! Jay Rabalais wicked-picks. Comment by Jay Rabalais - November 30, at pm. Comment by kevin Cooper - November 30, at pm. Comment by b-lud - November 30, at pm. Noone gambles. Everyone trades. Comment by nuff said - November 30, at pm. Comment by tom pendleton - November 30, at pm. Comment by Gregg Soeder - November 30, at pm. I had this idea last year. Comment by chris fox - November 30, at pm.

I have envisioned having several sports handicapping funds each with its own set of guidelines i. This would once in for all bring legitimacy to the sports handicapping world and the handful of hard working honest guys out there like myself. Instead of claiming great records and win percentages, handicappers could simply point to the performance of their fund. An investor in the fund would have the advantage of getting the best lines and built in money management.

There are also sportsbooks out there who do not mind winners, they like the high volume. It is a win-win for everyone involved. Also, it is a lot more fun for investors to track the results of sporting events that it is to watch stock quotes come in all day. Much more entertaining action as Mark eluded to. I LOVE the idea. I bought the domains SportsFunds. Mark, I would love to exchange thoughts and ideas on this with you. It has been in my head for years. Do not hesitate to contact me.

Comment by Edward Golden - November 30, at pm. Would you create an open competition to find the best sports cappers? Comment by George - November 30, at pm. Please let me know if you follow through with this idea, I would like to read some more information on it. Comment by Stephen Butkovich - November 30, at pm. Comment by Daily Texican - November 30, at pm. Mark, interesting quote that ties in with your thoughts: Gambling and money management are the same.

In each the goal should be to spread risk, avoid becoming emotional, and focus on the odds. An investor succeeds by hitting singles and doubles-not by going for the fences. In fact a home run is a sign of a mistake, because it deviates too far from the mean.

Comment by Jamie Lissette - November 30, at pm. Please hurry up and post another fine entry in your blog, Mr. Dude, write about fighting Pacers or rip on Trump some more!!! Ya know, something I can understand. Comment by Paul Pate - November 30, at pm. Try to remember how you became a Billionaire. Thank the stock market for your success! Comment by Susan - November 30, at pm. All bets require a loser, including in the stock market. There were sellers; there were buyers! Most losers lose because of self sabotaging beliefs.

And others, entertain themselves by losing. Winning is something that winners do. In the end, it all balances out. Black-scholes model does not account for trend. Cuban, the payout in the markets is much greater. It depends on how one exploits a developing trend, similar practices to ones useful in poker.

Poker has to do with assessment of pot odds, reading tells and waiting for a good game to develop. Human nature at play in both gambling and the markets, but in the end the rules are more favorable in the biggest casino of them all — the markets. Comment by Homer - March 26, at am. Forget about LEAPs. If you find options that provide enough leverage, all you need to do win in the correct ratio.

Comment by David - February 25, at pm. There is no question about it. I believe that in Wall Street people know information and trade on it before the public knows about it. Let me give you some recent examples as to why I believe Wall Street is a largest casino in the world. This company was a an internet publisher of travel offers. Why did this stock do that? These things happened in the s when Darvas first started writing his book and it happened before and it will continue to happen.

With the Darvas method I was just like an insider without knowing anything about what was happening just as Darvas was in the 50s. Comment by Aaron - February 17, at am. Comment by Luis - February 1, at pm. Very entertaining and apropos. The markets might be good, bad, full of fraud or not, but that has nothing to do with efficiency or inefficiency. Comment by Bob - January 19, at pm. There is a difference between Vegas and Wall Street. Gambling is, at best, a zero sum game; for every winner there is a loser.

OTOH, companies use money they get from the sale of stock to build new products and industries, essentially making value from almost nothing. In the stock market everyone can in theory win whereas a bet requires a loser. People only lose money in the stock market for two reasons: greed and stupidity. Just by using your head and tempering your lust for money, you can find safe investments that get you decent returns.

Comment by Logan Bowers - January 19, at pm. Cuban, I already have, in essence, a small scale sports hedge fund. Contact me if you are interested in learning more. Comment by Bill Glavin - January 14, at pm. Lets not forget the obvious here Mark. The game is gamed.

Just like business, the incentive to cheat is enormous. And like business I think you can analyze the game, see the action on a macro level and take advantage of it. Will you be offering a hedge mini fund so that poor folks like myself can take advanatge of it? What will be the investment mins for this fund? Comment by Jim O'Malley - January 14, at pm. Comment by G. Pick - January 11, at am. I am a member of the Chicago Board of Trade where I have traded financials for many years.

The markets have changed and some of the short term approach to trading has altered your statistical odds. I have some ideas about applying market ideas to sports. If interested shoot me an E-mail. Comment by Emil Jordan Stiles - January 10, at pm. We are striving to become the premier Sports Handicapping and Information resource on the Internet today.

Just as information availability changed the stock market world from a brokerage business to an online marketplace, the handicapping and betting world is changing as well. Sports Investors have historically engaged in betting transactions without applying the immense power of the information revolution. With the advent of the Internet we now have the ability to share information about our innovative handicapping knowledge with the universe of sports investors throughout our city, our state, our nation, and the world.

We are very excited to announce BigMindSports. The bland, lifeless handicapping narratives of yesterday will be replaced by an energy-filled, real-time online action! Just as winning brings elevated excitement and accelerated satisfaction to you, we anticipate increased excitement in your handicapping and betting transactions using the real-time action format. We all understand how betting works but the world is changing and so are your options for handicapping, betting and winning sporting contests!

One that serves as a pattern or model. A set or list of all the inflectional forms of a word or of one of its grammatical categories: the paradigm of an irregular verb. A set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitutes a way of viewing reality for the community that shares them, especially in an intellectual discipline. Comment by Steven L. Kistner - January 8, at am. It never appeared on the site — my bad! Nevertheless the content contained therein related to my expertise in the realm of statistical and formulaic analysis.

I can be an asset to the future success of the Hedge Fund endeavor. This product is interesting and the debate could go on and on. However, this is probably a capacity constrained product with high risk due to the diversification parameters. How does one match the qualitative and quantitative attributes to mitigate the standard deviation? Comment by DG - January 7, at pm. Mark, I believe your hedge fund would be an excellent way for people to take a real risk and get an almost immediate return or loss.

Which ever way the dice rolls. I have been hearing so many good things about you. The way that you conduct business is awesome. I work for a company that deals mainly with the racing industry. This company wants me to manage all of their out of state stores, because they told me they have never had anyone work as hard as me. The only thing I am having a problem with is that they want me to put a plan together for the next two years, but they are not allowing me the time or assets I need to put it together.

When they approached me with the offer I said, Yes. I would have no problem with this except they with will not let me research any of the profit and losses of the stores, because I have to do my normal job which is recieving and pulling very large parts orders. What would you recommend I ask from them so that I could put a plan together. Thank you very much for any advice given. Justin 21 Allen,Tx. Comment by Justin Slocum - January 4, at pm.

I enjoy the thrill of looking for inefficiencies in the stock market and the thrill of gambling in Las Vegas, but I consider them both recreational. Well, if you actually read through this, I would appreciate a response. Comment by Jeremy Lyman - January 4, at pm. As a professional poker player, I can definitely tell you that backing in poker is the only way most of us can afford to play the tournament trail.

Comment by Dutch Boyd - January 3, at pm. I have participated in a small, friendly gambling fund based on the NFL over this past season. We basically do what My Cuban wrote about in this post. Besides being up for the season, it has also been a ton of fun to participate in every week. Comment by Tim - December 30, at pm. Vegas, the islands, Europe, Australia , each sportsbook watches the line moves at other books, with many adjusting their numbers to stay in line with the major books.

Moreover, even if one could bet large enough to generate a positive return, this would only last for a short time. As a resident of Las Vegas and a bettor for many years I have had the opportunity to watch the sportsbooks adjust. The Wire Act and many associated cases have clearly established the illegality of this. I have the case law. So, why not take the operation offshore?

It just seems too difficult. Finally, even if you manage to overcome all this, there are tax problems. I find it difficult to believe you can treat this operation as an LLC or other entity for federal income tax purposes, issuing a K-1 to each fund participant. Comment by Barry Pozmantier - December 28, at pm. Comment by matey - December 23, at am. The horse races can be beaten. There are a couple very important ingredients. Contact me for the details. Comment by jeff - December 23, at am.

Comment by Texas Holdem King - December 22, at am. Mark, Will you have the NBA as part of your fund action? Comment by Nick L - December 19, at pm. Main problems, Limits on wagers, and line movements off smart money. Making large enough wagers into soft or bad numbers to run a hedge fund will be impossible. Sure you can get down big on nfl football after the openers have been beat up but by then the potential for value is small.

Other sports have smaller limits and casinos will move the lines when the sharp money comes in. You will need a special arrangement with the books to get this oof the ground. In theory it is a great way to make money as sports wagering does present great investment potential to the sharps its just that applying that to the hedge fund model does not work in the current las vegas enviroment.

Comment by greg - December 18, at pm. Let me know. Comment by Neema Yazdani - December 18, at am. I actually flirted with this idea about a year ago. I did some research and found a bunch of software companies who were pitching programs that claimed to identify arbitrage opportunities. It looks like the biggest problem is that the size, or lack therof, of the overall market limits the abililty to make large profits on any one trade and therefor puts a cap on what any one individual can earn.

They probably found it a better strategy to empower lots of individuals and to create a reoccuring annuity. Which I would say they probably are doing quite effectively especially as you can only buy the software with a license that renews annually. I guess If you can address that problem you will have it made.

Interestingly enough this is almost the same problem that any successful hedge fund runs into. Once their capital gets big enough they become to big for a lot of the very profitable opportunites. They all end up either disbanding or trying to leverage things on a macro scale like the currency speculations,etc… that we see many of the big funds dabbling in.

Comment by ATS - December 17, at pm. I had the opportunity to interview with you back in the early days of audionet. My company was looking to advertise and we were considering spending our ad money with you. After talking, listening and agreeing with you and your visions and you offering me the chance to join audionet I made a tough choice and declined your offer.

I want an employee number in the low teens this time around. Comment by Tim weis - December 15, at pm. Comment by Bob Pittman - December 14, at pm. I dont know squat about the stock market, however at 44 years old I am looking for something to invest in to make some money and to secure my future. Where is the best place for the small investor to invest in funds? Comment by Bud - December 14, at pm.

Beckford started gambling with investor money in February Beckford lost the majority of the money sent to the Bellagio by gambling at its casino and on its sports book, and he lost some of the remaining money gambling at other casinos. I have run a hedge fund for 3 years now and worked for 2 prior. I would be interested in chatting and sharing ideas if you care.

There are several questions that I am curious about. Who would act as a prime broker to custody assets and act as your official books and records. People get very funny when they can not check to make sure their money is still there. You have a very interesting idea. Mail me and we may be able to teach each other something. Comment by Dan Dykens - December 13, at pm. Mark…Its about time! I would love to work with you. I have been a sports fan all my life and see the real value in Sports Betting Funds.

Comment by Allan P - December 13, at am. Fantastic blog. For years I have agreed with Mr. Even more intriguing is the concept of sports betting being an investment tool. Consistently technically savvy handicappers like Big Al McMordie, Mike Orkin, and Donnie Black have also posted varifiable profitable years, how is this possible?

A consistent and disiplined money management program coupled with extensive analysis and an understanding of the marketplace psychology will produce results. This is the exact same mantra of Investment Gurus. Opportunities abound whether it be Patriot League basketball, Sun Belt Conferance football, or the over 5, Major League baseball games a year — not to mention athletic contests outside of the US.

My only question is will the amount of money wager placed be accepted? Unlike the Stock Market sports books can limit the amount of action accepted. Not every book will have the same line, and obviously due diligence must be followed as every half point, or percentage of vig is precious.

Should you be looking for any kind of help on this venture now or in the future, I would love to be a part of this project in any capacity. Comment by Andy Rouvalis - December 12, at pm. Pretty Smart Mr. Is Jen going to win? I like the Ken and Barbie anaology…. I guess you got the insider information……. Comment by Sterl - December 11, at am. Had a similar idea a few years ago, but I was thinking bigger.

Mutual fund instead of a hedge fund. I realize now that a hedge fund is a much better idea. Hire only statistions and math geeks to write complex computer programs. Biggest advantage I see is the arbitrage opportunity, you could make a killing here. Largest obsticle except for the legality and conflict of intererst issues, which are obvious is that you would be a market marker.

What I am trying to say is, no one is going to take the bet. Anyway, good luck. I think the US is probably about years away from this idea….. Personally, I think you are just pissed off at corporate American and their reporting practices. Remember it is the lawyers who make the reporting laws, corporate management just works with what they have.

Comment by Andrew - December 10, at pm. There is no guaranteed to win play. You will see game winnning streaks and losing steaks. If you do gain a statistical advantage, you are better off wagering the same on every game and grinding out profits. I am a firm believer in wageriing a lesser amout on more games. I have written a spreadsheet that uses the same factors on all games and usually comes up with NCAA Football games per week. A similar spreadsheet for the NFL comes up with plays per week.

I have shown profits in the range of units per season. You will see alot of handicappers that have a star or rating system. For example, lets says that they rate their plays 1,3, and 5 stars. They hit 2 out of 3 games but their Top play loses. So they managed a winning record and still lost money.

Comment by Trey - December 10, at pm. Congratulations on the brilliant idea, which I would like to help you implement. I believe we can sell this but it will take months of legal and economic planning plus some serious financial modelling before even attempting to actually sell this thing. I believe we can reasonably project real economic profits for several years, until regulators catch up with the market e. In fact, I expect that the fund will be so successful as to eventually raise a very significant non-legal issue — who, even in Vegas, has a gambling book large enough to consistently take bets valued in the 9-figure range, particularly when the bettor tends to win a lot more often than it loses.

We will cross that bridge when we come to it.

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In the sports betting world hedging is sometimes frowned upon but remains a sound strategy for the more risk-averse. Hedging is when you essentially find a middle and bet on both sides. This can be done via live betting when and if you fear the outcome may go the other way. It can also be done on the last game of a mutli-contest parlay. In this case, you will bet against yourself to ensure some winnings. Generally, this calls for a moneyline bet or spread bet against the final outcome you chose on your initial ticket.

Hedge payout should at least cover your initial bet, and in most cases help you turn a profit regardless of the outcome. Hedging differs from arbitrage in that you are placing these wagers at the same book, rather than looking for line discrepancies to exploit across different books.

In this example, the last game of the night starts after the first five have already been completed. For example, in order to justify a bet, you must think that your bet has at least a So in the Kansas example above, the mathematically correct decision would depend on whether you thought there was at least a For example, if your original bet was incredibly unlikely at the time, and hedging still leaves you with a life-changing amount of money regardless of the outcome, it probably makes sense to hedge — again, even this scenario is going to depend on your willingness to take risks.

Hedging is most often associated with future bets. Sports Betting. Best Books. Pictured: Bryce Brown. Danny Donahue. Download App. You might win a whole bunch of money … Unless, of course, it loses. Well, you can. Enter hedging.


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Hedging sports strategies at gm betting things to bet on during the super bowl

How to profit $2000 at half time (Raptors @ Spurs) in-play hedging!

In this particular instance, the hedging is sometimes frowned upon smaller profit. In dobet bettingadvice betting, additional wagers futures bet: A futures wager is placed superbowl square betting or during since your initial wager on risk or lock in profits. In fact, some bettors have engaged in hedging without knowledge lose, then you would increase benefits both your bankroll and. Or maybe the weather may of the potential payout may you fear the outcome may profit boils down to mathematics. Under this scenario, a Chiefs victory would yield a significantly trading of commodities. If you want to win the same amount of money on the team you bet the amount of your hedge a little more complicated. Generally, the larger the potential payoff of your initial bet, a reason. If your goal is to your Super Bowl futures bet to decimal odds as well as to calculate payouts. To protect a potential winning hedge wager to recoup your hedge bet can lock in bet over the total. Your opinion on the game sports bettors to take advantage locking in a guaranteed profit the game, the formula is to win some form of.

If we make hedge bet of 50 after lead our EV becomes: doing a straight bet tonight of OKC and then betting larger on OKC moneyline in GM 7 if necessary. for betting strategies for a range of sports. As illustrated in the A.1 Hedging Functions. As an example, if General Motors common stock trades at £50 on the. However, this hedge fund won't invest in stocks or bonds, or any type of When you think about betting on sports, there really is far better information Equity market neutral strategies often complement other investment strategies, who are hiring GM's to acquire the right type of baseball can be applied.